As a child in the early 60s, I became a music fan, mostly thanks to The Beatles. It seemed that any music that existed before The Beatles was irrelevant. Fortunately, I grew up and became more open minded.

I came to realize that “old fogey” music was actually quite good. In fact, some of the greatest songs ever written were around long before I was born. I am especially fond of music from the early to mid twentieth century. I’ve recorded a handful of these songs, presented here in a simple form… just my guitar and voice.

This playlist is just the beginning. I will add more songs to it from time to time. Please sign up for my newsletter for the occasional updates.


The Coffee Song
by Bob Hilliard and Dick Miles
My Favorite Version: Frank Sinatra

East of the Sun
by Brooks Bowman
My Favorite Version: Frank Sinatra

Home (When Shadows Fall)
by Harry Clarkson, Geoffrey Clarkson and Peter van Steeden
My Favorite Version: Paul McCartney

I Get a Kick out of You
by Cole Porter
My Favorite Version: Michael Bublé

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
by Nelson Cogane, Sammy Mysels and Dick Robertson
My Favorite Version: Brenda Lee

by Otto Harbach and Jerome Kern
My Favorite Version: Ella Fitzgerald

It’s Only a Paper Moon
by Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg and Billy Rose
My Favorite Version: James Darren

Blue Moon
by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
My Favorite Version: Cybil Shepherd

Blue Skies
by Irving Berlin
My Favorite Version: Ella Fitzgerald

Since I Fell For You
by Buddy Johnson
My Favorite Version: Bob James and David Sanborn (feat. Al Jarreau)

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